5 Ways to Help Grow Your Veterinary Practice in 2022

5 Ways to Help Grow Your Veterinary Practice in 2022

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, veterinary practices have been faced with the reality of
having to rapidly pivot and adapt. What’s more, is that many veterinary practices have seen a
rapid influx of new patients as families rescued animals or added a new furry family member as
we were all faced with spending much more time at home. Now, as we begin to emerge from
the pandemic, many veterinary practices are wondering how to keep growing while also
continuing to offer compassionate and individualized care to their patients.

In this blog post, the team at LenDRgroup Consulting will outline five approaches that could fuel
your veterinary practice’s growth in 2022.

Some Best Practices to Implement Now

  1. Get Creative in Your Marketing. Promote some popular awareness days to drive new
    business through your practice’s doors. Educate your customers as well as your
    prospects on why it’s important to spay and neuter their pets (after all February is
    Spay/Neuter Awareness Month and World Spay Day is February 22). Potentially offer a
    slight discount off of these services to boost revenues immediately. Another angle?
    February 20 this National Love Your Pet Day. Consider doing a mix and mingle at your
    practice on that day for your customers, prospects, and their pets.

  2. Promote Pet Wellness Programs. Healthy pet programs can also be used to increase
    revenues by creating opportunities for monthly recurring payments that are billed
    directly to a customer through a payment plan. These programs typically cover periodic
    exams and testing, including routine blood work, wellness exams, vaccinations,
    spay/neuter, and parasite prevention, and are promoted as a way to keep veterinarian
    care affordable to a pet parent—and pet owners who sign up for plans like this typically
    access additional vet care than those who opt-out.

  3. Upgrade Your Practice Systems and Technology Platforms. Veterinary practices that opt to use advanced scheduling, recordkeeping, payment, and other technology programs
    are able to more effectively streamline a patient’s visit and become more efficient in
    their approach to patient care—which means they can treat more patients in the same
    amount of time. And that leads to boosted revenue. Another approach worth
    implementing? Telemedicine. This is perhaps one of the best things to come out of
    COVID. Telemedicine is an easy way to connect with more patients via video chat and
    two-way messaging, fill prescriptions, schedule appointments, and accept payment.

  4. Expand the Role and Responsibilities of Your Technicians. As a veterinarian, you can only be in so many places at one time, and you only have two hands. Therefore, elevate the
    role of your technicians within your practice. Encourage your credentialed vet tech to
    use their license, which also stands to improve employee morale and job satisfaction.
    Allow your practice to benefit from the utilization of your techs’ training and skills,
    which will free up your time to perform “doctor-only” duties.

  5. Modernize Your Clinic and Expand Your Service Offering. Finally, consider introducing an enhanced service offering or new and better equipment—it can produce huge returns
    to your practice. Examine what your competition is offering and determine if there is a
    chance to provide a service or procedure that no one else is. Or, even simply consider
    updating the aesthetics of your practice. Make it a place that patients and staff enjoy
    coming to. No matter if you are making an investment in a leading-edge piece of
    equipment or ensuring your waiting room is welcoming and allows for effective patient
    flow, there are changes you can make to attract more patients and ensure your staff
    remains happy.

Consult with LenDRgroup

As we begin moving through 2022, now is the ideal time to prioritize what you want to change,
modify, and accomplish at your veterinary practice. Of course, we would welcome the chance
to discuss partnering with you so that you can achieve all of your growth, revenue, and practice
goals this year. No matter if you want to expand your service offering, create new revenue
streams, open a new office, or onboard new talent, the team at LenDRgroup Consulting
welcomes the chance to make all of your targets a reality.

Reach out to us today, and let’s talk about how to grow your veterinary practice in 2022.