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LenDRgroup’s team of specialized consultants
understand the unique and individual needs of dental, medical, and veterinary professionals— we have designed processes to help you reach your practice goals with minimal time and energy spent outside of your practice and away from what matters to you.
LenDRgroup Consulting

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Step 2: Talk With A Specialist

We're excited to discuss your goals.

After submitting the form above, you can expect one of our team members to reach out within 24 hours to discuss your goals in more detail. We'll guide you through your financing options or business consulting solutions and provide a clear path to achieving your long-term goals. It'll be up to you to determine if what we outline and offer is a good fit for you and your practice (of course we hope it is). We aren't in sales--we're in the business of helping private practice owners reach their full potential--so you won't have to worry about upselling, pushy choices, aggressive sales tactics, negotiations or "making a deal". 

We offer a suite of services as our team and their expertise are robust, however, you are not obligated to use them. If you want assistance with just practice financing, great! If you need help with HR and Payroll issues only, no problem! If you need help with everything, we can handle it all. You are in control, but with LenDRgroup Consulting, you have a partner.

Schedule when convenient for you...

In our years of experience working with Dentists, Physicians, and Veterinarians, if we've learned anything, it's that time is one of the most important resources. If waiting for our call is not concrete enough and you'd like to go ahead and put time on your calendar for us to discuss your goals, you can!! It's as simple as clicking the "Schedule a Meeting" link underneath the Specialist that best suits your immediate needs.

"Client relationships mean everything to me. I'm in the trust business much more than I'm in the financing business, to be honest. I develop friendships with my clients, learn about their families, their business dreams, and their future goals. Because of this approach, I feel morally obligated to succeed for them and there is no better motivation than helping a friend."

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Connon Thompson
Director of Practice Financing

"To me, relationships are built off of trust.  Trust is what allows me to have honest conversations, the hard conversations, and access to the intimate details of a practice in order to share my understanding, provide the help and advice that will drive great success. "


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Dan Aycock
Senior Practice Management Consultant

Step 3: Grow A Thriving Practice

You're on your way!

We'll be alongside you from dream to financing approval, funding of your loan, and beyond. Your satisfaction and success are what matter most to us and we are excited for the opportunity to show you just how much.

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