Reactivate your practice and recover faster in this post COVID world.

Covid World-1-1

As restrictions are lifted and practices begin operating at a new normal, key strategic and financial decisions will be paramount to survival and growth. LenDRgroup Consulting is launching a Practice Recovery and Reactivation Program to help practices navigate the uncertainty in a post-COVID 19 environment, including: PPP Utilization, Financial Recovery Options, Operational Flows and Safety Concerns.

 Our 60-day recovery and activation program services include:

  • 1 hour weekly calls with a LenDRgroup consultant, helping you through the reactivation process.
  • Answers and guidance to the following questions:
    • What are the best recovery options for reopening my practice?
    • What are the protocols for bringing back my employees and how can I identify which ones should come back?
    • How can I best utilize my PPP cash flow to grow my practice?
    • How can I increase new patient flow?
    • How should I remedy my patients concerns with COVID while visiting my office?
    • How should I navigate a post COVID-19 environment and grow my business beyond pre-COVID levels?


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Being proactive and addressing these essential questions are extremely important for a smooth recovery. Contact us today to receive more information about how we can help your practice get back on its feet.