Introducing LenDRgroup Consulting

Introducing LenDRgroup Consulting

When “Business as Usual” doesn’t apply to your Healthcare Practice.

Dental, veterinarian, and medical school trained you to serve your patients. However, did your advanced study also prepare you to run a successful practice and know what sound business ownership looks like? Did your dental, veterinarian, or medical degree provide you with the strategy to open, grow, and expand your practice? Possibly not. But, there is good news! You don’t need an MBA to create a thriving business. Simply put, you just need to choose the right healthcare lending and consulting partner.

It is necessary to align with a healthcare lender and business consultant who understands your industry and is knowledgeable about the unique challenges you face. Here at LenDrgroup Consulting, we have financed over $300 Million in practice loans to dentists, physicians, and veterinarians. These loans have been key in expansion, construction, commercial real estate acquisition, debt consolidation, and more. Plus, we have also offered strategic guidance to professionals just like you—and that advice has leveled up our clients’ practices.

LenDRgroup Consulting offers dental, medical, and veterinary practice financing and business consulting services. We have the knowledge and experience to bring the healthcare practice you have been dreaming about into reality.

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What We Do

Healthcare Practice Financing

No matter if you are opening your first practice or acquiring/expanding your existing practice, LenDRgroup Consulting offers extensive financial solutions as well as strategic professional support that enables you to optimize your business.

Additionally, we can assist with the following types of lending:
Acquisition & Start Up Loans | Refinancing | Multi-Practice Loans | Real Estate & Construction Loans | Practice Buy-In Loans | DSO Loans | Working | Capital | Lines of Credit | Accounts Receivable Loans | Equipment Loans

Practice Business Consulting

With over 40 years of experience, LenDRgroup Consulting offers growth initiatives strategies, profit achievement road mapping, and in-office practice management consulting designed to align with your mission, vision, and values. We will come to you and offer one-on-one guidance, targeted solutions, and tactical assistance related to your business questions and needs.

Case Studies

Case Studies

“Our mission is to produce the highest quality work for every client, on every project”

What Our Customers Are Saying

“As a young dentist, I was faced with unexpectedly losing my job with the practice that employed me and I had nowhere to go. My consultant helped me immensely—they assisted in finding me part-time employment and then convinced me to start my own private practice outside of a pretty restrictive covenant. More than that, my consultant helped me get practice financing, too! Over the course of three years, my overall gross revenue increased from $400K to $1.2M with a 37.7% overhead. Thank you!”

Dr. BV
Eastern NC Area

“Over the years, my dental practice grossed well over $1M annually and had an overhead somewhere in the 40% range. Partnering with my consultant, I was advised to start funding a cash balance retirement plan—and in turn this saved me thousands of dollars each year because I was able to defer large sums of money and plan for my retirement!”

Dr. PD
Eastern NC Area

“I couldn’t give [the group] a higher grade. I have been in practice for 44 years and have traditionally dealt with banks—well, it’s not easy to go this route anymore. Banks don’t look at what I am doing personally [as a dental practitioner], and this makes it hard. You need to have an agent who will represent you and your interests. [LenDRGroup Consulting] understands the broader picture, they were so supportive, and returned calls promptly. They worked hard for me—and that’s hard to find these days.”

Dr. R
Ohio Area

“I was faced with a routine state sales and use tax audit at my OB/GYN practice. The auditor wanted to tax the practice’s sale and distribution of Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) as a taxable item. I worked with my consultant to handle this issue and after several months, the auditor realized their folly. In the end, my practice prevailed and thousands of dollars in sales tax was saved!”

Dr. JF
Eastern NC Area

“I worked with my consultant to identify and begin using an outside billing company to handle patient receivables. It was a great strategy as it improved cash flow from in-house staff by 50% and collected on old receivables that I had thought were long past the point of recovery.”

Dr. JS
Eastern NC Area

“My wife and I really appreciate all of your help through this process. Not the smoothest from our end but indeed you guys really guided us through and made the process easy to navigate. We also really appreciate your assistance with identifying other practices, even though it was not even plan B for us.
We will always refer your services to others and use you guys for any future needs for us.”

Dr. CB
Ohio Area

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