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LenDRgroup Consulting was founded with one goal in mind.

We seek to empower the best dental, medical, and veterinary professionals and to provide you with access to industry-leading experts—no matter where you require them in your business. Our team understands that it can be overwhelming to know everything there is to know about running and growing a business.

That’s where we come in.

We deal with the minutiae, so you don’t have to.

LenDRgroup Consulting offers a turnkey approach that delivers healthcare finance and business consulting solutions that operate with the distinct needs of medical, dental, and veterinary practitioners in mind.  No matter if you are just starting out, established in your practice, or searching for an exit strategy, we stand beside you and partner with you to create a solution that is exclusively tailored for you—and you alone.

Our team is well-versed in the healthcare industry. We realize that the needs of professionals who operate in this field are unique—as are your goals and motivations. As such, we bring together a team of accounting, legal, financial, construction, real estate, equipment, and strategic planning experts who only work within the healthcare field and give you access. We help you simplify your practice, so you can focus on helping your patients while remaining firmly in control of your future and charging ahead to meet and exceed your goals.

Meet our Leadership

Ep 1548 Jason Householder-1

Jason Householder

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Focused on providing leadership, management, and vision to the organization, Jason Householder is committed to helping LenDRgroup Consulting grow and expand while providing best-in-class services to the medical, dental, and veterinarian clients who depend on the company’s expertise.  Jason is tasked with identifying, cultivating, and growing national relationships, creating the strategy that delivers success for clients, and executing appropriately.

With over a decade of experience in the healthcare banking sector, Jason has spearheaded the expansion efforts that have penetrated and grown new markets by 900%+. What’s more is that prior to starting LenDRgroup Consulting, Jason consulted with healthcare professionals who owned or wanted to own their own practices. He helped them achieve their growth initiatives and career aspirations.

Jason has experience helping private practice owners, DSO, MSO, corporations, group practices, hospital systems, and others alleviate pain, improve cash flow and profit margins, pursue expansion, acquire real estate, devise exit strategies, and much, much more.

Meet our Practice Financing MVP's

Connon Thompson-1-1-1

Connon Thompson

Director of Practice Finance Consulting

With a total of 22 years in the banking industry, Mr. Thompson has spent the last 10 years focusing on practice finance. He has financed transactions in all private healthcare sectors including dental, medical, and veterinary practices. He has helped with practice acquisition or buy-in, start-up, relocation, expansion, ground-up building projects, renovations, real estate, working capital, equipment, and debt refinancing. 

Through his years in healthcare practice financing, Mr. Thompson has found fulfillment in helping others achieve their dreams. Whether he is helping a first time buyer acquire a practice or an established doctor relocate, there is a feeling of professional satisfaction.

However, traditional banking institutions did not allow him to help every client, even if they had a great business. Specific qualifications such as a time-licensed requirement, student loan debt payments, cashflow or liquidity requirements, and more can keep a well-qualified client from fitting into the traditional lending box. Whatever the reason, a perfectly good client is turned away.

With LenDRgroup Consulting, Mr. Thompson now has every possible option to help clients achieve their goals. Here, clients are not tied to one specific set of policies or requirements. A broad, varied lending platform is available so the team can say “YES” to more healthcare practice owners as they work to achieve their professional goals.

Mr. Thompson is an Ohio native who resides in NE Ohio with his wife. Together, they have three beautiful children. 


Bryan Duncan

Vice President of Business Development

As the Vice President of Business Development at LenDRgroup Consulting, I bring over three decades of sales experience working in the healthcare space, with a considerable career focus on the field of dentistry.

I have collaborated with healthcare clients on a variety of initiatives over the years, speak their language, and have assisted in the areas of continuing education, practice transitions, practice intelligence, practice management consulting, and recruiting. Acting as a strategic partner, I have worked hand-in-hand with solo practitioners, group practices, and Dental Service Organizations (DSOs).

Deciding to work with LenDRgroup was such an easy decision to make—and a natural next step. Here, I assist prospects and clients with healthcare practice financing and develop a variety of custom solutions related to practice loans, equipment loans, refinance loans, and much more.

Ultimately, I am proud of the work that we do at LenDRgroup Consulting because as someone who has dedicated their career to helping healthcare practice owners, I believe in the mission and the vision of the organization.

Additionally, LenDRgroup Consulting truly features a team of experts—all seasoned healthcare industry pros who are dedicated to leading at the forefront of healthcare practice lending. Together, we are ushering in the next generation of best-in-class lending options that break the mold and humanize a healthcare practitioner’s story. Frankly, it’s a huge departure from traditional lending approaches.

Me Business Pic

Mike Morris

vice president of Business Development

As the Senior Director of Business Development at LenDRgroup Consulting, I possess over a decade of sales experience as well as deep healthcare industry knowledge and business ownership expertise. Our focus, here at LenDRgroup Consulting, is to usher in the next generation of best-in-class lending options that break the mold and humanize a healthcare practitioner’s story. And I am so excited to know that the mission and vision we are pursuing as a team offers an incredible departure from traditional lending.

At LenDRgroup Consulting, I am responsible for serving as a strategic partner to independent medical, dental, and veterinary practitioners and seek to collaborate on a variety of initiatives, including practice finance consulting. As such, I utilize my past success in partnership development, needs identification, and problem-solving to understand the desires of my prospects and clients and develop targeted solutions that enable them to meet their short and long-term goals. I can create a variety of customer solutions related to practice loans, equipment loans, refinance loans, and much more.

Combining all my past career experience places me in a unique position to truly help healthcare practice owners and their strategic partners to find practice financing solutions that align with their objectives.

I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about the challenges you are facing—either as a healthcare practitioner or as a professional who helps healthcare clients with lending, real estate, equipment purchases, and other requirements. Connect with me today and reach out anytime. 

Meet our Business Consulting MVP's


Dan Aycock

Senior Practice Management Consultant

Dan graduated from Catawba College with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He continued his education at East Carolina University where he earned a Master’s in Business Administration. After graduation, he pursued a career in management with a large independent insurance agency in North Carolina.

In joining the LenDRgroup Consulting team, he is looking forward to sharing his experience in helping clients with practice consultation, tax preparation and filing, compliance issues and the startups of new practices. He is also an enrolled agent with the Internal Revenue and can deal with the IRS on behalf of his clients as well as is a Certified Healthcare Business Consultant. With his background in insurance, Dan can also be of help in reviewing various insurance types, especially property and casualty lines.

Dan currently resides in New Bern, NC with his wife, Kate, daughter, Emory, and two sons, Trey and Caison. Dan is an avid golfer and played four years of collegiate golf at Catawba College earning all-conference two of the four years. Dan also enjoys offshore fishing with his family and friends during his free time.



Amy Clark

Senior Practice Management Consultant

As the Lead Practice Consultant at LenDRgroup Consulting, I bring almost three decades of one-on-one consulting experience working in the healthcare sector, and possess subject matter expertise in the field of dentistry. I have a history of success identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities and am dedicated to helping my clients realize improved bottom line earnings and operational excellence. 

Throughout my career, I have developed and created strategic plans to help healthcare practices understand and attain their mission. I have assisted in countless areas, including training and development, financial planning, culture and team building, mergers and acquisitions, change management, and much more. I seek to act as a strategic partner so that my clients can bridge the gap between their current business reality and their future vision. 

I welcome the chance to learn about the challenges your healthcare practice is facing, and I invite you to connect! I’d love the chance to learn more about you and your practice ownership goals. 

Allen Stroud

Allen Stroud


Allen Stroud has worked in the healthcare consulting industry since 1970. With experience in accounting and technology, Allen presently concentrates his focus on medical and dental consulting, practice management, and practice transitions. He possesses expertise in human resources, compliance, financial services, business planning, and more.

Allen is an active member of the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants (NSCHBC). He is a charter member serving on the Board of Directors. In 2014, he received the WJ Godfrey “Zeke” Gourley award for outstanding support and dedication to the NSCHBC organization.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“As a young dentist, I was faced with unexpectedly losing my job with the practice that employed me and I had nowhere to go. My consultant helped me immensely—they assisted in finding me part-time employment and then convinced me to start my own private practice outside of a pretty restrictive covenant. More than that, my consultant helped me get practice financing, too! Over the course of three years, my overall gross revenue increased from $400K to $1.2M with a 37.7% overhead. Thank you!”

Dr. BV
Eastern NC Area

“Over the years, my dental practice grossed well over $1M annually and had an overhead somewhere in the 40% range. Partnering with my consultant, I was advised to start funding a cash balance retirement plan—and in turn this saved me thousands of dollars each year because I was able to defer large sums of money and plan for my retirement!”

Dr. PD
Eastern NC Area

“I couldn’t give [the group] a higher grade. I have been in practice for 44 years and have traditionally dealt with banks—well, it’s not easy to go this route anymore. Banks don’t look at what I am doing personally [as a dental practitioner], and this makes it hard. You need to have an agent who will represent you and your interests. [LenDRGroup Consulting] understands the broader picture, they were so supportive, and returned calls promptly. They worked hard for me—and that’s hard to find these days.”

Dr. R
Ohio Area

“I was faced with a routine state sales and use tax audit at my OB/GYN practice. The auditor wanted to tax the practice’s sale and distribution of Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) as a taxable item. I worked with my consultant to handle this issue and after several months, the auditor realized their folly. In the end, my practice prevailed and thousands of dollars in sales tax was saved!”

Dr. JF
Eastern NC Area

“I worked with my consultant to identify and begin using an outside billing company to handle patient receivables. It was a great strategy as it improved cash flow from in-house staff by 50% and collected on old receivables that I had thought were long past the point of recovery.”

Dr. JS
Eastern NC Area

“My wife and I really appreciate all of your help through this process. Not the smoothest from our end but indeed you guys really guided us through and made the process easy to navigate. We also really appreciate your assistance with identifying other practices, even though it was not even plan B for us.
We will always refer your services to others and use you guys for any future needs for us.”

Dr. CB
Ohio Area

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