When "business as usual" doesn't apply to your healthcare practice...

Case Study 1: New Dental Facility

Loan Highlights:

  • $3.7MM loan for a new facility
  • $200K in equipment funding
  • 10K square foot ground-up construction
  • Preservation of borrower cash

Just recently, a dentist was referred to LenDRgroup Consulting because he needed to finance the building of a new dental facility. He had outgrown his current lease space to the point that he had to turn patients away. He was desperate for more room and needed to expand. As we are all aware, cash is critical when running your own business. Therefore this dentist wanted to avoid putting cash towards the typical down-payment required by a traditional bank. LenDRgroup Consulting, however, provides financing solutions that require less money down. We enabled this Dentist to preserve strong working capital to drive toward continued business growth.

Because LenDRgroup Consulting has deep knowledge of the dental and healthcare industries as well as unparalleled commercial real estate lending expertise, we were able to truly understand his long-term plans. We put together financing that included refinancing existing debt, the cost to relocate, a 10K square foot ground-up construction project with $200K in equipment funding based on his current and projected cash flow. We got this deal done, we saved the doctor roughly 430,000 dollars AND created a revenue producing asset for the dentist as he could lease 4800 sq. ft of his new building!

Ultimately, when you are facing a large dental facility construction project, it is key to partner with someone who understands the nuances and challenges faced by a professional like you and what goes into a big dental specialty build.

Case Study 2: Refinancing Debt and Constructing a New Dental Facility

Loan Highlights:

  • Preservation of the customer’s cash
  • 25-year term with real estate component
  • Ground-up construction on a new 6.6K square foot practice
  • Refinance on existing commercial real estate debt

A pediatric dentist in Texas started her first practice back in 2010. Since that time, her growth plan has centered on acquiring or starting up small pediatric clinics, ultimately merging them into her larger practice as they grow.

She approached LenDRgroup Consulting to get the financing she needed to refinance commercial real estate debt, construct a 6.6K square foot dental facility from the ground up, and purchase equipment for her sixth practice. Given that her existing practices were still operating in a significant ramp-up phase, it was vital that she continue to invest capital into each of them—this limited her conventional down payment options.

Nevertheless, LenDRgroup Consulting had a solution. We provided a loan through the utilization of equity that she had in her existing practices. In turn, this structure allowed her to continue to reinvest, build her sixth practice, and preserve her cash, which would enable her to continue to grow down the road.

Case Study 3: Building Purchase, Facility Improvements and New Equipment

Loan Highlights:

  • Preservation of the customer’s cash
  • Comprehensive funding by LenDRgroup Consulting—including the building purchase, improvements, and equipment
  • A significant monthly savings as a result of real estate purchase vs. leasing
  • A new and upgraded facility
  • 25-year term with a real estate component

Two dentists were offering state-of-the-art dental care at their successful, albeit run-down, facility. However, as the conditions of their facility were on a steep decline, their monthly rent continued to escalate over the course of five years. Ultimately, they made an important decision: It was time to purchase a building for their practice to call home.

Enter LenDRgroup Consulting. We were able to devise a funding solution that led to a building purchase, facility improvements, and new equipment. And in turn, these two dentists were able to grow their business and reap the financial benefits of owning real estate as opposed to pouring money into leasing!

LenDRgroup Consulting can help you if you are facing the following situations:

  • Lease to Own: You are seeking to buy a building that you are currently leasing or are thinking about moving out of leased space into a new building that you want to purchase.
  • Expansion or Ground-Up Construction: You are growing out of your existing space and want to do a ground-up construction project or are thinking of purchasing a building to renovate.
  • Start-up/Multi-Practice: You want to start or acquire a practice that involves real estate—or you are looking to open an additional practice location.

What’s more is that LenDRgroup Consulting offers alternative financing options—which means that we can take less down when compared to what a conventional lender typically requires. This allows you to preserve your strong working capital and grow your business.

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