5 Steps to Setting New Goals for Your Dental Practice in 2022

5 Steps to Setting New Goals for Your Dental Practice in 2022

Every business owner wants to set—and achieve—their annual goals. The same concept holds
true for dental practice owners, and in this specialized field, it is necessary to be strategic about
where to place your focus. When done correctly, you can enable your dental practice to boost
productivity, streamline operations, and enhance profitability.

In this new blog, the business consultants at LenDRgroup Consulting outline what steps to take
and what priorities to focus on as 2022 dawns.

The Lasting Impact of COVID-19 on Goal Setting—and Achievement

It is likely that our team doesn’t need to inform you that the last couple of years have been
anything but normal for dental practices. The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the dental
industry to its core and has offered many valuable lessons in what it looks like to pivot, adapt,
and rise to the challenge of delivering patient care in a time of great risk—both personally and

The practices that had invested in technology and automation prior to the onset of the
pandemic found themselves in a unique position as lockdowns were faced, masking and social
distancing policies were implemented, and patients generally felt uneasy interacting with
healthcare and dental providers in traditional ways. On the flip side, the practices that had not
made such technology and communication investments found themselves scrambling to
adjust—and unfortunately, some of them found their doors closing permanently.

With the COVID pandemic in mind (after all, it still has not passed and life isn’t exactly “normal”
just yet), let us begin identifying the steps you must be engaged in now to ensure your
practice’s success and longevity in the coming year.

5 Targets to Focus on Right Now

As your practice emerges from the pandemic, it is necessary that you are prepared for
whatever the future may hold—whether that is another global health crisis, economic
uncertainty, or other factors that are beyond your control. Consider the following:

  1. Ensure your office technology is updated. As we mentioned, the practices that have
    placed a focus on technology investments were the ones that were most likely to adapt
    and evolve as the pandemic raged. Therefore, make certain your practice is using
    technology that enables contactless interaction with patients and staff members,
    including paperwork reduction, streamlined communications, time management,
    appointment setting and check-in, and more.

  2. Implement an in-office payment plan. Because of COVID-19, many people lost their
    dental insurance coverage because of a lack of employment. However, these individuals
    still need dental care. It would be wise for your dental practice to create a custom
    payment option that is not attached to in-network insurance plans. A popular strategy
    right now is the introduction of a dental membership plan that allows a patient to
    receive dental care through an affordable installment plan. This also introduces a new
    stream of revenue to your practice.

  3. Invest in your team members. High-quality talent is in high demand right now, and every dental practice owner must focus on implementing an employee retention strategy that rewards the staff members who remained loyal to you through tough times. While you may or may not be able to offer financial perks in this regard, you can create a practice environment that is founded upon a great culture, which leads to high morale. Promote a workplace that values communication and collaboration, encourage staff members to offer feedback on what is working as well as where improvement could happen—and try to reward those who are giving it their all with bonuses or promotions.

  4. Offer ongoing educational opportunities. Also remember that your staff members want
    to grow and progress in their careers—so professional development, training, and
    education are important to their retention. What’s more, is that practices that invest in
    employee education tend to generate more revenue per year per team member. Finally,
    realize that training doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive, or involve lots of travel time.
    There has never been a better time to take advantage of virtual learning opportunities.

  5. Think about your branding and ensure your marketing is impactful. Take a look at how your practice presents itself to the community as a whole and how you connect and interact with patients both virtually and in-person. Conduct an assessment of your brand—does it resonate with your customers? Are you providing meaningful service to your patients that helps them better their lives? Are you offering incentives to build brand loyalty and affinity? As you answer these questions, consider the resources you put forth. Do you blog regularly? Do you offer advice on social media? Are you creating opportunities for a person to further ingratiate themselves with your business by providing referral incentives and the like? Align your marketing efforts with the needs and desires of your patient base and you will attract new prospects into the fold.

Assess Your Operations.

A final point that you should focus on is to ensure you have the resources and supplies to manage your office effectively and efficiently. Recent supply chain disruptions have caused considerable interruption to a variety of businesses, including dental practices. Therefore, make it an ongoing focus to secure the PPE and other materials needed to promote patient and staff health while also eliminating downtime in your business operations. Charge a staff member in your office with ongoing inventory management and tracking—and protect your practice from supply chain kinks.

Of course, LenDRgroup Consulting also welcomes the opportunity to speak with you about your
dental practice’s efficiencies, goal setting, and business targets as you plan for this year. Reach
out to us today to learn about our practice consulting services and how we can enable you to
meet any challenge you are faced with and rise to the occasion of fulfilling your professional
goals. Schedule an appointment with a member of our team today.