Dental Practice Upgrades as a Competitive Strategy

Dental Practice Upgrades as a Competitive Strategy

upgrade your dental practice as a competitive strategy

The world is competitive. Dental practice owners can’t afford to take their practice successes for granted. Good marketing, advertising, and promotional perks can help practice owners stay ahead of the competition. 

But, can practice upgrades be used as a competitive strategy to differentiate your dental practice from others in your area?

The answer is yes, as long as your upgrade improves the services and environment of your practice. Read on for tips to differentiate your practice by keeping your patients in mind.

Design for improved functionality

Every doctor or dentist wants a beautifully designed practice that makes a visual impact. However, an efficiently functioning practice that allows you to meet your patients’ needs with minimal wait times and full privacy protection is more important. Your practice upgrades should improve functionality and workflow for you and your staff. This helps you deliver a positive patient experience.

  • Make sure the receptionist can turn 90 degrees away from the reception area to conduct business. This ensures the privacy of conversations with patients and payment transactions.
  • Ensure that patients and staff cannot negotiate fees within view or earshot of others in the practice, in person or by phone.
  • Keep treatment rooms out of sight of the public areas such as the greeting and reception areas. 
  • Create space for an office and breakroom away from patient areas.
  • Equip all treatment rooms the same way so the team always knows where to find supplies. 
  • Use technology in treatment areas to aide in practice management, patient education, treatment, diagnosis, and entertainment.

Create a technology investment plan

Provide the best possible patient care with regular, planned equipment and technology purchases. A technology investment plan may help you incorporate new equipment on a more regular basis.

  • Stay on top of new technology developments by attending trade shows or meetings with an equipment supplier. This helps you identify current and future needs. 
  • Prioritize your equipment and technologies for the next three to five year. This includes software, hardware, equipment and tools, and utility systems.
  • Create a marketing plan that shows off the advanced technologies and services you offer.

Incorporate green materials and practices

Today’s world has a better awareness of the environment. Many patients appreciate dental offices that utilize green materials and practices. This helps to differentiate your business from competitors. A green practice may do the following:

  • Reduce energy and natural resource consumption. Improve air quality.
  • Maximize air quality through fresh air intake systems and efficient HVAC systems.
  • Avoid using furniture and coverings that contribute to poor indoor air quality. These products may use toxins in the manufacturing process.
  • Conserve and minimize energy consumption by optimizing natural light, using compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), and the minimization of active, electronic controls and systems.
  • Whenever possible, use recycled and recyclable products.

Put your patients’ well-being first

Ultimately, putting your patients first is one of the best ways to put your practice ahead of the competition and to ensure your future successes. A patient-focused practice offers:

  • A friendly staff and welcoming environment
  • The best treatments and solutions for your patients’ needs
  • Genuine concern for your patients’ wellness
  • Flexible schedules

Is it time for an upgrade? Look around and decide what improvements may make your practice more appealing and efficient. It may make your practice more competitive as well.

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