The Rise of the Dental Podcast & The Top 5 To Listen to Now

The Rise of the Dental Podcast & The Top 5 To Listen to Now

It’s likely that you are already aware of what podcasts are—and it’s also likely that you probably tune into a few on a weekly basis. It’s entirely possible to find a podcast on almost any subject, and that includes dentistry.

In this blog, our team is going to give you a brief overview of the history of podcasts—and also provide you with our top dental podcast picks that you should be listening to now.

The History of the Podcast

It may feel like podcasts, previously known as “audioblogs,” have only gotten popular in the past couple of years on platforms like Spotify, Pandora, Apple, and other streaming services. However, the podcast actually dates back to the 1980s.

The expansion of the podcast really took hold in late 2004 at the advent of broadband Internet access and the introduction of portable digital audio playback devices like the iPod.

Today, there are more than 115K English-language podcasts available on the Internet and dozens upon dozens of websites that are available for distribution at little to no cost to the producer or listener.

How Podcasts Are Used in the Dental Space

Personally speaking, we believe that podcasts are dental marketing’s biggest and best-kept secret. There are numerous benefits to creating a dental podcast for your dental practice. Ultimately, creating a digital podcast has the potential to increase your public visibility and help you gain new patients for your practice.

Of course, sounds great, right? But what do you talk about?

Some of our ideas include updating new customers about a product or service you provide, offering opinions to listeners, introducing new team members, and interviewing expert guests in dentistry.

A podcast can help you promote your dental brand in a new and innovative way—and they can personalize and humanize your practice, allowing a listener to take a “peek behind the curtain” and get a sense of your personality.

Our Top 5 Dental Podcast Picks

The Dental Hacks Podcast: Featuring Drs. Alan Mead and Jason Lipscomb, this podcast shares the doctors’ love for dentistry. Since 2018, the podcast has been downloaded 2.2M times and is the focus of a Facebook group with 28K members. The podcast has high-quality guests on each episode and brings consistent humor.

Listen HERE.

Dentistry Uncensored with Dr. Howard Farran: As the founder of Dentaltown, Dr. Farran started his podcast a year before the last presidential election as people were telling him that they wanted to listen to something on their commute other than politics. Fans have the opportunity to listen to as well as see Dentistry Uncensored as the doctor discusses a wide range of dental topics with his guests.

Listen HERE.

Dentists, Implants and Worms: Created and hosted by Dr. Justin Moody, this podcast is unfiltered and designed to help dentists “navigate the world of dentistry… one vodka soda at a time.” There isn’t a real format to the show, which is why it is so popular with listeners.

Listen HERE.

The Thriving Dentist with Gary Takacs: Another popular podcast, this one debuted in 2012. Takacs is a dental consultant and focuses on helping dentists build their practices so they have the ability to achieve “personal, professional, and financial satisfaction.” This podcast has been downloaded over a million times and has a library that includes 400+ episodes.

Listen HERE.

The Relentless Dentist: Hosted by Dr. David Maloley, this podcast focuses on helping dentists uncover happiness and get past the excuses that could be holding them back. Dr. Maloley offers high-level strategies that enable dentists to grow their practice while reducing their stress and boosting overall life satisfaction.

Listen HERE.

We’d Love to Hear Your Recommendation

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