The 3 Transformative Technologies Dentists Need to Pay Attention To

The 3 Transformative Technologies Dentists Need to Pay Attention To

It is likely that you have spent considerable time and effort in building your dental practice and pursuing your professional dreams. Ultimately, anyone who runs a successful dental practice has gone through a lot to achieve success—so kudos to you!

However, as you progress in your ownership journey, your practice will require some of the most groundbreaking technologies to confirm high-quality patient care and support.

In this blog, the dental practice consultants at LenDrgroup Consulting have identified three technologies that are shaking up the dental practice space. Here’s what you need to know about and keep your eye on!

The Implementation of Virtual Reality

When you think of virtual reality you may think of video games and gadgets featured at the annual Consumer Electronics Show. However, increasingly, dentists are implementing virtual reality platforms at their practice to help patients with pain management. Patients have the ability to use VR headsets to distract from their procedure and minimize pain and discomfort. Think of it like this, if you were getting a root canal wouldn’t it be nice to think you are on a beach in the Caribbean listening to soft ocean waves and feeling the sun on your skin?

Additionally, VR can be used to help you understand your patients’ procedures through their own eyes, thereby boosting your empathy and emotional intelligence and cultivating deeper levels of trust and support.

Understanding Augmented Reality

Many times, individuals can get virtual reality and augmented reality confused—but they are quite different in their functionality and how they are used in the real world. Right now, it’s likely that you use augmented reality (AR) every day, for instance, by using filters when posting a photo or video on Instagram.

As such, it’s entirely possible to use AR to your advantage—to say nothing of that of your practice. How? The technology is quite prevalent in reconstructive and aesthetic procedures, which helps a patient understand what they will look like post-procedure.

We encourage you to check out the SmartTek and Kapanu apps, which use a phone or tablet’s overlay virtual depictions of the improved set of teeth prior to the procedure taking place. This way, both patients and providers have the ability to get a glimpse of the results and feel confident when scheduling the procedure and moving forward.

Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps you, as a practice owner, to work smarter not harder. Right now, AI is being used for varied purposes in dentistry, including identifying normal and abnormal structures, disease diagnosis, and the prediction of treatment outcomes. Additionally, dental labs use AI to considerable levels and there has also been the introduction of AI into dental education.

We encourage you, personally, to check out software such as Denti.AI. This is a platform that helps diagnose pathology in less time. This platform can also provide perio charting, a voice-enabling software that acts as an assistant to dentists in patient assessment.

AI can help in a number of other ways as well, including offering predictions about tooth decay, oral cancer, and the identification and diagnosis of dental caries, endodontics, and other conditions.

Simply consider AI technology as a second pair of eyes that can enable you to take better care of your patients.

LenDRgroup Can Help You Identify the Best Dental Technology

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