National Dental Holidays to Highlight at Your Practice

National Dental Holidays to Highlight at Your Practice

Sometimes, it can feel tricky to come up with enough content for use on social media and in
marketing efforts around a dental practice. Plus, it is always important to show appreciation to
your staff for the hard work they do day in and day out.

Yes, it is easy to celebrate major holidays, such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Christmas
and New Year’s, and the like. However, it is also necessary to raise awareness of the practice of
dentistry, health awareness days, and other “fun” dental holidays that can lend a bit of
personality to your in-practice and online marketing efforts.

In this new blog, LenDRgroup Consulting will outline a month-by-month list of dental holidays
your practice can celebrate this year… and every year!

National Dental Holidays to Mark on Your Calendar

We encourage you to print off this list or bookmark this blog post for easy reference as you plan
your monthly marketing endeavors and create editorial calendars for use on Facebook, Twitter,
TikTok, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

  • Medical Group Practice Week (4th Monday in January)
  • Children’s Dental Health Month
  • Gum Disease Awareness Month
  • Toothache Day (February 9th)
  • Tooth Fairy Day (February 28th)
  • Dental Assistants Recognition Week (1st Full Week in March)
  • Employee Appreciation Day (1st Friday in March)
  • Dentist Day (March 6th )
  • Dental Hygienist Week (2nd Week in April)
  • Graduation Month
  • Root Canal Awareness Week (2nd Week in May)
  • Root Canal Day (2nd Wednesday in May)
  • Mental Health Awareness Month
  • National Receptionist’s Day (May 12)
  • Dental Smiles Month
  • Dental Diversity Month
  • National Toothbrush Day (June 26th )
  • Write a Letter Appreciation Week (July 1st -July 7th )
  • Tooth Fairy Day (August 22nd )
  • Gum Care Month
  • Office Manager Appreciation Month
  • Dental Hygiene Month
  • World Smile Day (1st Friday in October)
  • Boss’ Day (October 16th, but celebrated on the closest weekday if it falls on a
  • TMJ Awareness Month
  • Oral Cancer Awareness Month
  • National Brush Day (November 1 st )
  • Hand Washing Awareness Month

LenDRgroup Consulting Can Help You Market Your Practice

Of course, this is a fun list to consult when looking to get creative in your traditional and online
marketing efforts. However, if you are looking to create, implement, and sustain marketing
initiatives that help you grow and expand your practice, and require specialized expertise,
LenDRgroup Consulting invites you to reach out today and schedule an appointment with a
member of our business consulting team.

We look to help dental practitioners identify and then reach all of their short-term and long-
term goals—and can help you engage in strategic marketing practices that position your dental
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