Meet Your Year-End Goals in 2020 for Your Veterinary Practice

Meet Your Year-End Goals in 2020 for Your Veterinary Practice

tips to help veterinarians meet their year-end practice goals

It is important to check in and examine your annual goals from time to time throughout the year. This helps to prevent unnecessary stress and may even help free up some time around the holidays. 

When you do examine your year-end goals for 2020, it is a good time to look back over the previous year to make note of what you accomplished and what you would still like to achieve. 

Are You on Track to Meet Your Goals?

Running a veterinary practice requires a lot of time. You spend your day-to-day duties running a busy office and tending to your clients and their animals. It is easy to get lost in your daily rhythm and routine and to forget about actively working on your other goals. 

Actually entering time into your weekly and/or monthly schedule to check in and assess your goals and projects can keep you on track each month. Your regular check-ins with yourself and your business will keep you on track for your annual goals and agenda.

Covid Impacts

Covid-19 set the world on edge and completely changed the way veterinary practices run their day-to-day operations. Veterinary practices have had to make significant changes due to Covid-19 to ensure high-quality animal care while also maintaining new health and safety measures to protect the staff and clients.

From curbside drop-off to contactless or virtual payments and health histories, veterinary practices have had to adapt to a new normal. Some practices have rolled with the punches while others have struggled to keep up. In some cases, adapting required new software, spacing out animals, and lengthening days just to keep up with the daily demand and financial needs of running a business.

Checking Your Year-End Goals for 2020

Before getting buried under the stress of the holidays, take the time to assess your business goals for 2020.

Last Year’s Numbers

Take a look at last year’s numbers and see how you match up by comparing the years. Measuring outcomes helps ensure you are achieving the best outcomes, offering high-quality care, and still turning a profit for your business.

  • Did you have a good year last year? 
  • How is your schedule working out? Do you need to modify the schedule this winter to meet your goals? 
  • What services or animals are you seeing the most? Are you being productive?
  • Do you need or want to make changes moving forward?

Increase Efficiency

After assessing your current and previous year, take a look at your goals again. Do you need to change them or set new goals to improve efficiency and effectiveness within your veterinary practice?

  • Meet with your staff to review frustrations or concerns.
  • Transition to a paperless or digital patient system.
  • Improve patient communication with blog posts, social media posts, or text message reminders.
  • Get involved within the community to expand your patient reach.

Assess Scheduling

As mentioned above, scheduling appointments may have changed due to Covid-19. However, you can still assess and employ new scheduling practices to ensure your days are productive. Consider scheduling blocks for specific types of appointments such as routine care, surgeries, and walk-ins or emergencies. This can help improve the flow of your day to keep things running efficiently.

Employee Reviews

Annual reviews are not something to dread but are an important part of running a business. They give your staff direction, purpose, and (hopefully) praise to keep them operating at their best. But also, the reviews give you a chance to reassess and make sure employees are functioning at an optimal pace to improve your practice’s efficiency.

Meet with Your Veterinary Business & Financial Consultant

Help is available for meeting your goals in 2020!

Plan Ahead

Running a business is challenging. Meet with a veterinary consultant to help keep your practice running smoothly and operating in the black. A business consultant who specializes in working with veterinary practices understands the ins and outs of your field and can advise you on ways to meet your practice goals.

Year-End Tax Planning

Taxes and tax planning can be dreaded topics for individuals and business owners. However, with proper planning, taxes don’t have to be frightening. Don’t let tax season surprise you. By assessing your numbers regularly, keeping an eye on your inventory, and staying organized with receipts, payroll, insurance, and more will make tax time run more smoothly. 

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Experienced Veterinary Practice Consultants

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