Employee Management – Made Simple.

Employee Management – Made Simple.

We know you became a healthcare professional because you wanted to be in the business of improving health outcomes for your patients. However, there is another reality here. The moment you hired your first employee, you also got into the business of being an employer—a job that is not only time intensive, but rife with legalities, compliance issues, and deep complexity.

But don’t stress! LenDRgroup Consulting understands the challenges that face employers operating in the dental, medical, and veterinary industries. We want to provide you with seamless payroll and human resources solutions that take the hassle and headache out of having employees.

We can provide you with full-service payroll, applicant tracking and on-boarding services, a comprehensive HR Support Center, an easy-to-access Employee Self-Service Portal, as well as Time Management Solutions. All of our products have been designed with the needs and desires of dental, medical, and veterinary professionals in mind—and LenDRgroup Consulting has specialty pricing that is exclusive to you!

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